Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Einsweiler replaces sign as Eagle Scout project

by Hillary Dickerson, editor
Excerpts courtesy of Galena Gazette

GALENA-On vacation in Florida during the devastating flash flooding that hit Galena and Jo Daviess County in late July 2011, Dylan Einsweiler and his family saw pictures of the damage to the historic Grant Park sign on the hillside at the city park. The "Grant" in the sign washed away on the saturated hillside.

Almost immediately, Einsweiler, the son of Dirk and Susette Einsweiler, had an idea. He knew that restoring the sign could be a really great Eagle Scout project.

Now, three years later, thanks to a lot of work from Einsweiler, a 17-year-old Galena High School senior, and his friends and family, the sign once again graces the hillside, welcoming residents and visitors to the park.

"I knew this project was going to be a huge undertaking but felt that I was up to the challenge with support from my family, fellow scouts and community," said Einsweiler, thinking back to the beginning of the project.

Einsweiler got cooperation for funding from The Galena Foundation, taking a huge burden off his Eagle Scout project since he didn't need to raise funds while also doing the work. Foundation board member Paul Jackson was great to work with, Einsweiler said.

All together, the project brought together 25 individuals who volunteered their time for a total of over 500 hours.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A night of big band!

Photos courtesy of Galena Gazette.

Hunter Fuerste and his band entertain to raise funds for the Galena Foundation.

Quartet, from left Tori Richter,
Jim Lease, Teri Fairchild and
Mark Oppedahl.

The saxophone section playing around a microphone during the finale of the Hunter Fuerste & His American Vintage Orchestra concert Saturday evening, June 21, at Turner Hall.  The event is a fundraiser for The Galena Foundation.  From left, Rob Shepherd, Barry Ellis, Rod Pierson and Ken Killian.