Friday, November 14, 2014

Partners gather to dedicate Old Market House State Historic Site improvements

Courtesy of Galena Gazette

GALENA-The weather outside was cold and blustery, but there, among snow flurries, the Old Market House State Historic Site on Commerce Street stood proud. 

Thanks to a grassroots effort that involved a number of local groups and organizations coming together, the market house received a fresh coat of paint during the warmer months of the year. 

On Thursday, Nov. 13, it was time to celebrate the collaborative effort that spruced up and breathed a bit of new life into one of Galena's treasured pieces of history. 

Representatives from the state historic sites, Galena Foundation,, Women of Courage and Commitment, Galena State Bank/Joseph Miller Trust and Galena Elks Lodge gathered to recognize that with a bit of dedication and collaboration, great things can happen.

Back row, from left: David Wilmarth, Ken Robb, Galena Foundation; Chris Hamilton,; Terry Miller, Galena State Historic Sites; Mark Van Osdol,; Charles Marsden, Galena Foundation; Kim Keuter, Galena State Bank Joseph Miller Trust. Front row: Paul Jackson and Jamie Loso, Galena Foundation; Carmen Ferguson, Women of Courage and Committment; Marcia Polhamus, Galena Elks. Hillary Dickerson photo.

Earlier this year, recognizing how run down the market house looked, Women of Courage and Commitment pledged to help raise funds for the painting project. 

VisitGalena, which occupies the building for offices and the visitor information center, wrote a Galena Foundation grant in collaboration with Terry Miller, Galena Historic Sites manager. 

The grant was awarded and funds used from the Joseph Miller Trust. 

Bob Knupp Painters was awarded the bid for the project and crews meticulously rehabbed the exterior of the building. 

Members of the Galena Elks Lodge jumped on board to help with landscaping the property. More landscaping work is planned for the spring.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Einsweiler replaces sign as Eagle Scout project

by Hillary Dickerson, editor
Excerpts courtesy of Galena Gazette

GALENA-On vacation in Florida during the devastating flash flooding that hit Galena and Jo Daviess County in late July 2011, Dylan Einsweiler and his family saw pictures of the damage to the historic Grant Park sign on the hillside at the city park. The "Grant" in the sign washed away on the saturated hillside.

Almost immediately, Einsweiler, the son of Dirk and Susette Einsweiler, had an idea. He knew that restoring the sign could be a really great Eagle Scout project.

Now, three years later, thanks to a lot of work from Einsweiler, a 17-year-old Galena High School senior, and his friends and family, the sign once again graces the hillside, welcoming residents and visitors to the park.

"I knew this project was going to be a huge undertaking but felt that I was up to the challenge with support from my family, fellow scouts and community," said Einsweiler, thinking back to the beginning of the project.

Einsweiler got cooperation for funding from The Galena Foundation, taking a huge burden off his Eagle Scout project since he didn't need to raise funds while also doing the work. Foundation board member Paul Jackson was great to work with, Einsweiler said.

All together, the project brought together 25 individuals who volunteered their time for a total of over 500 hours.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A night of big band!

Photos courtesy of Galena Gazette.

Hunter Fuerste and his band entertain to raise funds for the Galena Foundation.

Quartet, from left Tori Richter,
Jim Lease, Teri Fairchild and
Mark Oppedahl.

The saxophone section playing around a microphone during the finale of the Hunter Fuerste & His American Vintage Orchestra concert Saturday evening, June 21, at Turner Hall.  The event is a fundraiser for The Galena Foundation.  From left, Rob Shepherd, Barry Ellis, Rod Pierson and Ken Killian.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Preservation honors

Galena Foundation posthumously awards Frank Einsweiler Award to Alfie Mueller

by Hillary Dickerson, editor
Courtesy of Galena Gazette

GALENA-Surrounded by just a few of the images from his extensive collection, the legacy of Alfie Mueller was center stage for the Galena Foundation's annual dinner on Wednesday, April 23 at Fried Green Tomatoes. Foundation members and guests gathered to celebrate the undeniable mark Mueller left on the community.

Charles Marsden, president of the Galena Foundation, presented the 2014 Frank L. Einsweiler Award posthumously to Mueller, whose daughter, Barbara Mueller Thompson, was on hand to accept on her father's behalf. This is the second year the award was presented "for an exceptional lifetime contribution to historic Galena."

During his lifetime in Galena, Mueller, who passed away in 2004, collected thousands of historic images of Galena and Jo Daviess County.

As part of the program, Galena historian Steve Repp shared his memories of Mueller, who he described as "a treasure."

"This guy not only had an interest in history, he had an enthusiasm for history," recalled Repp of Mueller, who he first met in 1979 at the Galena Public Library.

Repp remembered how much fun it was to watch Mueller work and help others find information. "He had a style that I can't say enough about," said Repp.

Together Mueller and Repp did slideshows at the nursing home, a tradition Repp continues. Repp talked about the influence Mueller had on his life and the work he does in the Alfred Mueller Historical Collections Room at the library.

"He realized long ago the importance of photograph," said Repp in his talk about Mueller. "A photograph catches the moment."

Marsden present the award, a real Galena brick, to Thompson, who thanked the Foundation for doing that for her father.

"Nobody knows how proud we are of what he did and what he's done for your city," said Thompson, speaking on behalf of her brother as well.

Marsden noted that Meuller wanted his collection to be for the community.

"That has become a legacy," said Marsden. "And the Galena Foundation has had conversation that we will do whatever it takes to preserve the Alfie Mueller Collection into perpetuity through digitization or whatever you all decide you would like to do. The Galena Foundation will provide the funds to make sure that collection is preserved for all time."

Outgoing board member Duane Grenier

Galena Foundation President Charlie Marsden, left, presented outgoing director Duane Grenier with a Carl Johnson print of the Grant Park gazebo, one of the Foundation's most recent restoration projects. Photo by Jay and Hillary Dickerson

New board member

Charles Marsden, president of the Galena Foundation, left, welcomed new board director Ken Robb during the annual dinner. Photo by Jay and Hillary Dickerson.